Ask And It’s Given

I have so many stories about this subject that I’m about to share with you called; “Ask and it’s Given”, however I thought I will share my most recent one.

On my birthday morning, I woke up to an abundance of love from my husband, children, dogs, family, friends, plants and the Universe.

After dropping off the kids at their activities, I went outside and seating on the middle of our backyard there was a big grey feather. For those who know me, know how much I love feathers because they symbolize that Angels are with us. With a huge smile, I kneed down and grabbed my feather, I looked up and thank my Angels for letting me know they were with me on my birthday, and my next thought was: “I love this grey feather you gave me so much, but it would have been nice if it was a white one” (white ones are more angelical).

Shortly after, I took our dogs for a walk around the creek and half way, I found a beautiful, white, fluffy feather and simultaneously a colourful butterfly flew right in front of my eyes. Tears of joy run through my cheeks, because anything I have asked for, it has always been given! Also because Butterflies are a common sign sent from deceased loved ones as a sign that their spirit lives on which in this case, I knew it was my ‘Father” saying happy birthday from Heaven.

We are all vibrational beings! Everyone and everything emits a vibration, including our thoughts. What does this mean? If we would like to have love, happiness, abundance, peace, joy, and so on, we have to first ask for it, and then focus our thoughts on those positive intentions, so our vibrations can align with the universe’s vibrations and therefore through the “law of attraction”, manifest our desires. However, to manifest our desires we have to make sure we are “allowing” this connection when it is ready to be given to us.

The law of attraction always responds immediately, if we are aligned vibrationally and we are open to receive it.

For example: if we really want to make more money, but we are constantly worrying about it through our thoughts, then the vibration of these thoughts will attract exactly the opposite, because our thoughts are based on fear which does not aligned with our true-self, therefore our heart closes and we loose connection or unity.

It is very important that our thoughts are aligned with our true-selves because this produces the; ‘feeling good” state, but when our thoughts are not aligned with who we really are, they create resistance, negative emotions and stagnation on our physical and etherial body blocking our energy flow. After quite sometime of having negative thoughts that don’t aligned with who we really are, they become; “beliefs” also called; “false identities”. After many years of carrying these “false identities or beliefs” that block our inner light, true-self and the ability to experience joy, eventually they cause illness in our physical body which is 100% created by our own selves. We need to be consciously aware of when we are allowing a full connection between our physical and etherial body or when we are restricting it as this a way to prevent disease.

You might have heard of; “Where attention goes, energy follows”, one of my favourite quotes that never fails!

This is a valuable skill to master to create transformation and evolve in Earth school. Since our thoughts control our emotions, and therefore create our reality, it is essential to pay close attention on the way we think, the words we speak and distinguish if we are operating from a “fear-based” or “love-based” mechanism. In other words, are we operating from an open heart (from our true-self) or from a close heart (from a false identity)? These are VERY important questions to ask yourself to be able to achieve wholeness again.

What is Wholeness?

Wholeness is when our soul is whole and shines its light! Wholeness is pure joy, love and light. Wholeness replaces fear for love, uncertainty for certainty, external for internal and false beliefs for truth. Wholeness is an open heart in full alignment. Wholeness is unlimited worth and feeling safe. Wholeness is unity and freedom. Wholeness is how our souls have arrived on earth.

Wholeness is our final destination, the faster we get there, the faster we can create Heaven on Earth.


Emotional and Energy Healing Sessions.

My sessions are one hour and a half. The first part begins with a conversation, so I can understand what you are needing guidance with and pinpoint what needs balancing in your emotional and physical body. Based on this, I will give you lots of information and suggestions to uplift your vibration and enhance your wellbeing. I also use the Life Purpose oracle cards for additional guidance. The second part of the session includes energy, crystal, and sound healing, removing toxic emotions from your body, opening and balancing the chakra system, aura cleansing, combined with aromatherapy and Bioptron Medical Light Therapy.

Bioptron Medical Light Therapy Sessions – Non-invasive. Pain free.

30 years of intense research, Medical tested, Health Canada approved, made in Switzerland, tested and recommended by top Doctors and Scientists all over the world.
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What it treats?

  • Anti-Aging
  • Pain
  • Wounds
  • Dermatological Disorders and Skin Problems
  • Sports Injuries
  • Pediatrics
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Animals

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