Daniela is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a Certified Energy & Crystal Healer, Wellbeing Coach, Entrepreneur, Co-author (Pursuit 365 Amazon Top Seller), Worldwide Competitive Ballroom & Latin Champion, Black Belt in Kickboxing Martial Arts and a blessed mom and wife to a beautiful family.

From a very young age, Daniela expressed curiosity and was fascinated by the wisdom of the Universe. She has been studying and practicing spirituality and wellness for 30 years. She says: “listening to my heart has always been at the top of my list” and this is how Naturally Given was born in 2016.

Naturally Given’s big dream is to create a planet of LOVE and how are we going to do that? By living our purpose which is to create transformation and raise vibration in humanity by reminding people of their own Divinity and purpose.

Daniela offers services and products to heal the Spiritual DNA and balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Why the name  ‘Naturally Given’?  Because she believes our souls were ‘given’ two gifts: 1) Free-will and 2) Your own unique talent. YES, we are all a “limited edition”, she says, and our souls occupy a very special place on Earth!

It’s time to trust LOVE more than your fears because “Everything You Need To Know Is Within You and You Were Born To Shine”!