What is Ancient Egyptian Reiki Healing?

Ancient Egyptian Reiki Healing has reborn in modern times to help humanity raise their consciousness. It is based in the ancient history, wisdom, and knowledge of Ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago.

Ancient Egyptian Reiki Healing room
Ancient Egyptian Reiki Healing room
  • During the session, I invoke Egyptian Goddesses and Gods as well as Archangels to use me as a tool to channel Divine light.
  • I use Ancient Egyptian symbols to balance the body, mind, and spirit.
  • I energetically travel into different “Temples of Light” (pyramids) where I retrieve information that is transferred onto your spiritual DNA to help you remember who you really are and why you are here on Earth.
  • You will be holding Egyptian healing rods in your hands during your healing.
  • I use sound and vibration healing instruments, and a chakra crystal heated therapy mat which it can help the body detox, relaxed, enhance circulation, and clear EMF.
  • I often download messages and information for you that can be helpful. Sometimes, they show me few of your past lives, which they could help you understand at a deeper level your purpose on Earth.
Ancient Egyptian Reiki Healing room


  • Ancient Egyptian Reiki Healing Session – 1.5 hour : $189 plus GST= $198.45