M O V E  &  T R A N S F O R M  Y O U R  L I F E

A six-month coaching program to re-discover your true-self by re-wiring your brain, unlocking your unlimited power, and find your purpose to your invisible, infinite intelligence that resides within you.

Why are we here on Earth? I like to call Earth; My Spiritual School.

Our souls came to earth with two given gifts: 1-Free-will and 2-A unique life purpose. I believe, we did not come to earth by accident, but to have physical experiences, and from these experiences learn valuable lessons that enable us to evolve spiritually.

We are all LIGHT! Everything and everyone are made out of energy. Therefore, energy can affect us in different ways. When energy or life force flows through us, we feel positive, free, and alive, however when energy is stuck, we feel pain, frustration, negativity, and in the long run; sick.

The first big question is: If our souls came to earth as “Bright Lights”, what caused these lights to get turned off?

Here is an answer that resonates with me: Our souls knew how our life on earth would be before arriving. Our souls signed a contract to come to learn these lessons to be able to evolve. Our souls pick our parents, family, friends and life experiences to help us ascend to the next level of consciousness. It is through our traumatic childhood experiences and fears that make us grow believing that we are someone who we are NOT really are. It is our fears, egos, and “society formula” who control us and hide our powerful lights.

The second big question is: How much longer do we want to continue giving our power away and allow this to happen?

I certainly have learned incredible lessons here in earth school after 30 years of studying and practicing spirituality, there isn’t any topic that fascinates me more than learning how to keep on evolving my soul and the fact that I have learned that I am not a victim of other people, I am 100% responsible for my own happiness and I am the creator of my reality. The key to shifting into a space of true healing, is by making amends with oneself and freeing oneself from judgment. Re-discovering my magnificent light, assisted me in unlocking my unlimited power, re-connecting with divine and earth energies, and manifesting the life of my dreams.

Life is full of MAGIC and the best part is that WE get to create it!


Are you ready and willing to create a magical life?

Our “Move & Transform Your Life Coaching Program” includes the following:


One 60 min. introductory coaching session by phone or zoom.


One 60 min. Emotional & Energy Healing Session in person. If living out    of town, we offer long-distance reiki, crystal, and sound therapy.

Our Energy Healing Session is a fusion of ancient methods such as; aromatherapy, crystal, colour, and sound therapies, reiki, and other energy healing techniques to uplift your vibration, create energy flow, and overall balance of the mind, body and soul.


One 60 min. follow up coaching session by phone or zoom.


Personal time for integration.

  1. A binder that includes yoga poses for each chakra. Chakra information post cards. PDF sheet on how to keep your chakra system in full equilibrium. And all the reviews from your sessions in writing.
  2. One Pure Essential oil roll on of your choice from our Chakra Collection.
  3. One Bach Flower Remedy custom blend. For more info on Bach Flower Remedies, click here.
  4. Text or emails between business hours, 9am-6pm. Replies might take up to 72 hrs.
  5. Free admission to our Goddess parties which includes guided meditation & chakra dance.


1ST MONTH: Awareness: Understanding and accepting who you really are!

2nd MONTH: Connection with the invisible intelligence: Recognizing the divine light inside you. Grounding, aligning and trusting the universal forces.

3rd MONTH: The Chakra System. Shifting and moving energy. Raise your vibration.

4th MONTH: Unlock your unlimited power within. Be your own superhero.

5th MONTH: Guidance towards discovering your soul’s purpose. Clarity. Certainty. Evolve.

6th MONTH: Transformation: re-discover your true self. Serve your highest good on this planet. Manifest your soul’s purpose, in other words, shine your light. Feel instant Joy.


Monthly Program Price: $397 including GST

Full Program Price: $2082 including GST (a savings of $300)

Monthly payments are to be paid on the 1st of each month either by e-transfer at info@naturallygiven.com or by credit card at www.naturallygiven.com

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