I like to call Earth; My Spiritual School.

From a very young age, I expressed curiosity and I was fascinated by the wisdom of the Universe.
I have been studying and practicing spirituality and wellness for 30 years and I believe our souls came to earth with two given gifts: free will and a unique talent.

Why are we here on Earth?

We did not come to earth by accident, but instead with a unique life purpose given to our soul to serve our highest good. We all occupy a very special place on earth with no exceptions!

We are all LIGHT! Yes, that’s right, because everything and every living being is made out of energy. We are vibrational beings in a physical body, therefore energy can affect us in different ways.

We not only have a physical body, but as well as an emotional, mental, and spiritual body that when all of them are in perfect balanced, they radiate vitality, love and light as our consciousness is aligned with our original, divine blueprint.

If our souls came to earth as “bright lights”, what caused these lights to get dimmed down?

We have both spiritual DNA and human DNA that directly impact our health. Other factors, that typically affect our health include our environment and the actions of our own free will (unbalanced nutrition, destructive lifestyle habits, toxic thoughts, and so on).
Our soul contains our spiritual DNA, which determines our current level of consciousness that has continuously evolved since we have been conceived. Within our spiritual DNA we store all of our previous experiences from pasts lives, memories, the lessons we have learned along the way, our karmic patterns and what we still need to overcome, correct, and address within our soul to help us evolve.
Our Spiritual DNA directly influences our physical body after conception by providing subtle energetic patterns that are written into our brains, nervous system, and etheric design. These spiritual patterns govern over body’s health and our life theme. Our life’s theme can be considered our specific life purpose.

How much longer do we want to give our power away to fear instead of trusting love?

The key to shift into a space of true healing and transformation is to create a new, positive belief system free of judgment that will support and rise your higher self. This will give you access to your unlimited creativity and power and instantly re-connect you with your divinity and bright light that you are!
Everything that exists within the universe is always in a continuing state of evolution, and the universe is able to keep expanding and growing as result of this, and the exciting news is that we are all part of that!

Everything you need to know is within you and you were born to shine, so are you ready to manifest the life of your dreams?

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Together we can create a planet of love; “Heaven on Earth”!

Our “Move & Transform Your Life Coaching Program” includes the following:


One 90 min. coaching session via zoom.


One 90 min. Angelic Reiki Healing Session in person. If living out of town, we offer long-distance reiki, crystal, and sound therapy. Meditation and angel oracle card readings.

Our Energy Healing Session is a fusion of ancient methods such as; Angelic reiki healing, chakra, crystal, colour, flower, vibration and sound therapies, fused with aromatherapy and Bioptron light therapy. These healing techniques can assist you to raise your vibration, create energy flow, and overall balance of the mind, body and spirit.


One 90 min. coaching session via zoom..


Personal time for integration.


1ST MONTH : Awareness: Understanding and accepting who you really are because you occupy a very special place on earth!

2nd MONTH : Connection with the invisible intelligence: Recognizing the divine light inside you. Grounding, aligning and trusting the universal forces.

3rd MONTH : The Chakra System. Shifting and moving energy. Raising your vibration.

4th MONTH : Unlock your unlimited power within. Be your own superhero.

5th MONTH : Guidance towards discovering your soul’s purpose. Clarity. Certainty. Evolution.

6th MONTH : Transformation: remembering your true self. Serve your highest good on this planet. Manifest your soul’s purpose, and shine your light. Feel instant Joy.

Our program includes the following:

  1. A folder with yoga poses for each chakra. Chakra information postcard and graphics. And information on how to keep your chakra system in full equilibrium.
  2. All coaching sessions reviews will be sent via email.
  3. One Pure Essential oil roll-on of your choice from our Chakra Collection.
  4. Text or emails between business hours, 9am-6pm. Replies might take up to 72 hrs.