Crystal Workshop
Learn How To Manifest Your Heart’s Desires!
What are Crystals ? Why do we need them?  

Crystals are gifts from the earth and each one carries a healing property and vibrates at a certain frequency. Crystals are “Living beings”! Anything that eats, grows and reproduces; it is called a “Living being” and they are part of the mineral kingdom.
Crystals work at an Emotional level, helping us heal and transmute negative emotions into positive.

The workshop is two hours long, includes a Naturally Given folder with a PDF with all the information of the course and a Crystal pouch. Below is the table of content of everything you will be learning!


Table of content:

-What are Crystals?
-Crystal healing benefits.
-How to pick crystals.
-What is a Crystal Grid?
-Kind of crystals, colours and shapes.
-Type of grids.
-How to make a crystal grid.
-Aura field for crystal grid.
-Crystal Grid Ideas.
-Programming your crystals.
-Activating your crystals.
-Reiki on Crystal Grid.
-Where to place your crystals and /or grid.
-How to cleanse crystals.
-How to identify fake crystals.
-Love & Care for your crystals and grid.
-How to measure your Crystal Grid Electromagnetic field.



GROUP RATE VIA ZOOM: $50 plus GST – Minimum 4 people. I use Power Point to make the workshop more dynamic, fun and visual.