How do we create illness and disease in ourselves?

How do we create illness and disease in ourselves?

Just like our circulatory system is in charge of distributing blood, oxygen and nutrients into our organs, the chakra system is in charge of distributing Prana, also called; Light or Life force into all the energy centres in the body. Imagine your chakras as ethereal flowers, when they are opened, they can blossom. Do you notice how much more beautiful and vibrant is the flower above when opened comparing to when is closed?

The chakra system is made up of seven major energy centres where energy flows in and out. The word chakra means; “wheel or disk” in Sanskrit. We receive energy from two major currents; Liberation which comes from Mother Earth through our root chakra located at the base of the spine and the Manifestation current coming from Divine energy and through the Crown Chakra which goes directly into the Heart chakra and it is then distributed to the three chakras above the heart (Crown, Third Eye, Throat) and three chakras bellow (Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root).

The heart is the seat of all life, all living and giving, all healing and energy received from God. The light we received from God is the I AM Presence and goes directly into the heart. But what happens if the Heart is closed? This magnificent light cannot get in, neither cannot be distributed to the other chakras. And therefore, there is no flow of energy in the body as everything is closed!

How do the chakras close?

When we adopt energy in ways that are not true to our inner nature is how we create mental and emotional toxins that block flow. Just like toxins block our arteries in our physical body, emotional toxins block the flow of energy in the chakras and inhibit the free flow of energy within us. Limited beliefs get stored into our nervous system from childhood causing blockages and creating an identity that is not who we really are!

The chakras are 100% interconnected with glands, organs, nerves and different parts of the body and they externalize the energy that they receive creating blockages which affect your health, causing you to become fatigue, depressed, ill, injured or out of source. When our chakras are not in alignment and /or in full equilibrium, they become overstimulated or under-stimulated.

An overstimulated or overactive chakra is caused by placing continual stress on it. It is giving too much energy which deplets its natural vitality by unwisely spending its energy.

An under-stimulated o inactive chakra is by ignoring and letting become weak, avoiding the conflict. Not giving enough energy and therefore becoming insufficient by holding it in.

Now that you have a better understanding of how the chakra system works, you will be able to recognize common symptoms such as; inflammation, poor digestion, throat issues, headaches, pain, skin problems, anxiety, depression, respiratory problems, and so on that are happening in your body which are associate with an emotional pattern that is causing the root of the problem. Awareness is the first step, and second is to tap into your body’s energy centers to discover the root cause of your physical symptoms, heal them, manifest health and positive energy and last, but not least find your “true-self”. Just like the flower above, when the chakras are open, you can blossom, but the KEY is to keep your Heart Wide Open!!!

Since we all have free will, the choices are;

  1. We can express energy in a positive way and stay true-to ourselves
  2. We can act out of synch with our spiritual nature and struggle.

Which one would you choose?

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