It’s Like a Switch

Like a Switch

It’s Like a Switch

If you actually go right now and turn your light switch on and off, can you see how instant that is?

You are either in the light or in the dark in one second!  YES, that’s exactly how long it takes your mind to create either love or fear!

The question is: Do you want to live in your light or in your darkness?

I didn’t choose Naturally Given as my company name by “accident”, i chose it because our “Light and inner Gifts” are “Given” to our souls. We don’t need to try to get them through other people or anywhere, IT IS WITHIN US, it’s Naturally Given. I AM Light, Love and Worth and YOU are also Light. Love and Worth.

Our souls did not come to earth to “give up our gigantic / magnificent light”, our souls came to earth to evolve and “shine as bright as the sun”!  Our souls were also gifted with “free will”, in other words, we are 100% responsible for our own happiness and the way our life is!

Fear creates disturbances in the mental body, causing an illusionary perception of separation between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body. When your mental body is free of fear, your four bodies will return to their natural state of balance and your ego will no longer be allowed to control your life.

It is NOT about “doing”, it is about “BEING”. This is the reason why I picked “Just Be You” as my company slogan.

Do you want to live in your light, and learn how to “hold” it forever with zero resistance? If YES, then you will be a great fit for my; “Move & Transform Your Life, Six Months Coaching Program”. Book your FREE half hour session at [email protected]. You can also read more details about my program at

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Our Wellness Line is now available through social media and soon through our new website and retailers.  You can pick up orders from our front door!  Thank you SO MUCH for all our customers who are supporting us through challenging times.  I have been supporting many local businesses, and if we all support even just a little, we can keep energy flow and our economy rolling again.

Our NEW website is coming soon…stay tuned…

Check out our AD on the Peace Arch Newspaper on April 30th! 

Just Be You!

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