The Key To Optimun & Its Free

The Key To Optimun & Its Free

The most powerful healing method is available to all of us everyday, anytime, anywhere we go, at the tip of our fingers, and it is free, and that is called:


Being grounded means our body is connected to the Earth, so we can be as strong as rock! The Earth’s surface is negatively charged, full of free electrons willing and waiting to connect with us. As human beings every single one of us is full of free radicals that cause inflammation and damage, causing our bodies to accelerate aging and create disease. The Earth can heal us from head to toe, but for that, we need to go outside every day for 10 minutes in barefoot and connect with Mother Nature.

Why in barefoot?

The bottom of our foot is so perfectly suited for grounding that it is absolutely magical. For one thing, you have a very dense amount of nerve endings on your feet. This is so that you can enjoy the experience of soaking in the warmth of sand, the softness of grass, and the textures of rocks. The soles of our feet also have the highest density of sweat glands of anywhere in your body! This means that you naturally enhance the grounding surface with your salty moist sweat, which is a wonderful conductor.

What’s a conductor?

A conductor is any material that allows the flow of electrons to move freely through it. We are a conductor of the Earth’s healing electrons! We move electrons freely through our body and that helps take away any pain or inflammation. Other great conductor are the Earth itself and Water, specially salt water like the ocean. The water actually helps the Earth speed healing electrons to your body even more quickly than if you were in dry ground!

The earth and humans are like yin and yang – just like trees and plants provide oxygen and we provide carbon dioxide. The earth provides negative electrons and we provide positive free radicals and this electromagnetic exchange creates the perfect health combo!

Humans have been disconnected from earth for a very long time, that is one of the major factors causing these physiological / emotional issues such as; anxiety, depression, stress, digestions and circulations blockages, high blood pressure, and the list is long!

We spend a fair amount of our days driving and when we are walking, we wear shoes that have a layer of rubber which it stops the conductivity and healing flow with earth.

The reason why I felt the urge to share this amazing information is because after so many years of doing self-healing and practicing daily spirituality, my root chakra was often out of balance, so I was very determined to find a solution. Going into a deeper research, I found out that “daily Earthing” is incredibly healing. It completely re-sets my nerve system, and brings me a deep feeling of peace, and joy. It makes me feel powerful and it uplifts the frequency of my soul and that is a very nice feeling!

“Earth is one thing that cannot be taken away from us, and that is a huge blessing!” In return we can appreciate it, be caring, and connect with it.

Dr. Laura Koniver with over 18 yrs of experience as a regular and naturopath doctor, is so passionate about grounding, and protecting us from EMF radiation. She is a very inspiring mentor for me, and I thought you might love all her knowledge as much as I do. Everything she explains makes SO much sense!

Dr. Koniver says; “directly touching the earth is literally the best anti-aging secret in the world” and there isn’t any faster healing than that! Healthy diets, supplements, vitamins, minerals, acupuncture, and other type of healing methods and exercising are all wonderful additions to nurturing body, but nothing is more powerful, faster, and free than the earth to heal you.

She also explains that our bones, our connective tissue, our muscles, and everything that holds our body together (like our fascia, ligaments, tendons) are actually a grounding conduit. All of our connective tissue is actually a grounding conductor that brings healing immediately to all areas of our body, even scar tissue, even dense bones, even injured muscles. One of the most immediate ways that grounding supports our health is by reducing acute inflammation in such a profound way that it directly decreases inflammation, and this is what is responsible for the immediate reduction of pain that is felt when grounding.
This is DIRECT whole body access through our connective tissues electrically!

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