Mindful is About Paying Attention

Mindfulness comes from within. It turns out, it’s as simple as taking few moments to focus on yourself; Breath – De-stress & Grow!

There are so many benefits when we practice “Mindfulness” and one of my favourites is; “Mindful Gardening”. Through gardening, we can see life from another perspective. It shows us the life cycle of birth and death. It gives us plenty opportunities to focus, to zone not out, but in, we success, learn, and we contemplate and review our life purpose.

Mindful Gardening give us the chance to be 100% in the present moment and connecting all the senses – touching – smelling – seeing – tasting and hearing with nature.

Working the earth is so deep-rooted in our evolution and psyche that even those who have never gardened can find familiarity and comfort in tending plants. Even by just planting few small pots with herbs, is good enough to make us feel happy. The art of mindful gardening is about creating a space that brings us joy where we can connect to all our senses individually and relax our minds. This doesn’t mean we need to own a big home or greenhouse, we can simply create a miniature ecosystem by planting few pots in any area of our home where we “construct a mindful room” to encourage “introspection” – in other words – to observe one’s mental and emotional state.

Creating a mindful garden is about ensuring that everything can be noticed, from the tiniest flower head to the most softly fragrance plant. Work with nature, not against it and plant with intention. Be aware of what your plants need such as; light, water, and soil condition. During the winter time, you could bring your plants indoors and style your home with greenery and peacefulness.

Gardening is a super effective hobby for wellbeing – a kind of active meditation. Surrounding yourself with plants brings huge benefits such as cleaner air, reduced stress levels, mood improvements, and overall a much vibrant looking home!

A Garden can act as a bridge between our inner and outer worlds.

“To create a true garden, we have to see clearly, without judgement, exactly what is going on in ourselves and the space we are working in”, a favourite quote by Martin Mosko.

If it is true that we all have the nature of enlightenment at our very core, what stops us from knowing this and acting in harmony with it?

One answer to this could be that our repetitive patterns – of thought, speech and mind – push us away from our true nature. And our toxic emotions separate us from our understanding, caring, and loving others. When we start looking at these unhealthy patterns from a different perspective, this is when the process of transformation starts happening and therefore, we can start synchronizing ourselves with the natural flow of the energy that surrounds us.

To be completely present with what we are doing requires the cultivation of a soft and flexible mind and body, together with concentration. You can practice mindfulness with any hobby you enjoy doing. The idea is to create a space infused with spirit, where transformation is possible, and peace and joy fulfills your heart.


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