The Power of Healing Crystals

The Power of Healing Crystals

Minerals are the building blocks of rocks. Most minerals growing within the Earth have powerful energies, containing the stored natural elemental powers of their formation over millions of years, shaped by volcanic heat and waters seeping deep into the ground.

Most minerals grow as crystals. When one or more minerals fused through atomic bonding, forming a crystal, it is the structure and quantity of each mineral that determine the final crystal variety. Crystals come from all over the world. They also come in different shapes, forms and colours.

Each crystal has its own healing properties. There are different ways to work and connect with crystals. One way is to hold them on your left hand, as this is the hand that receives energy, for 15-20 minutes, and you will feel a warm energy emerging through the minor chakras of the palm of your hand which means the crystals started to do their healing work. Another way, is to place them on your body where the seven major chakras are located. You can dramatically enhance your chakra meditation with the healing crystals.

Another option is wearing crystal jewellery, so they can be in touch with your skin at all times. You can decorate your home with crystals grids, you can put them in your night table or under your pillow. Take them in your purse, car, and/or travel with them!

No matter where / how / or their size, Crystals will assist you in bringing balance, peace and vitality and they are most effective when you make time to physically connect with them. You can also program them with your intentions and thank them to bring you healing. Crystals need to be cleansed, some more often than others.

Here are a few cleansing tips:

1- Sunlight is the best cleanser for vibrant coloured or sparkling crystals and moon light is the best for those that are transparent or softer shades. Full moon has extra powerful energy, so it is recommended to re-change your crystals under full moon.

2- Put them in a bowl with salt and water for 12hrs. NOTE: If the crystal hardness is low, then it means the crystal is very soft and it will be damaged under prolonged water contact.

3- When you smudge the house, don’t forget to smudge your crystals too.

4- Using sound such as a tibetan bell, or striking a small singing bowl over the stone.

5- My Energy Clearing mist, made with sage and other essential oils, specifically designed to cleanse crystals.

Crystals are all so beautiful and beneficial that when you go into a store, it could be overwhelming to know which one to pick, however, they said that “crystals choose you”, so when you are in front of them, take a deep breath-in, connect, and go with the flow!

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