1 Home Blessing Smudge: (organic sage, rosemary, lavender, roses, flowers)

1 Shell smudge bowl

2 Palo Santo incenses, 1 Selenite mini-wand, and 1 Black Tourmaline stone bundle (Palo Santo: is a sacred tree that grows in South America, clears negative energy, is very grounding, and its aroma opens up the sinuses. It is great to get rid of mosquitos or other bugs. Selenite: rises vibration of your space, blocks negative energy, connection to Divine energy, opens and balances the crown chakra. Black tourmaline: protection, purification, and connection with earth energy, grounding, opens and balances the root chakra)

1 Pyrite stone: (Confidence, willpower, vitality, manifestation, abundance, creativity, focus, opens and balances solar plexus chakra)

1 Citrine stone: (Abundance, manifestation, sun energy, life force, mental clarity, uplifting, creativity, opens and balances the solar plexus and sacral chakras)

1 Rose Quartz stone: (love, gentleness, emotional healing, releases stress, uniting with the Divine, opens and balances heart chakra)

1 Clear Quartz stone: (master healer, clearing, cleansing, amplification of one’s intentions, memory enhancement)

1 LOVE synergy blend made with 100% pure essential oils for diffusing

The intention of this; “Happy Vibes Kit” is to purify your home or office from negative energies. Uplift the vibration. Restore balance, create abundance, unconditional love and inner peace.

Why is important to cleanse the energy of your home or office?

Emotions and experiences leave imprints and vibrations that can block positive energy flow. You should always feel comfortable and good in your home / or at work.

If you all the sudden can’t sleep well, or starting to feel stressed or anxiety, then it can be related to energies that are causing blockage. Specially, if you work from home, it is important to do space clearing as often as possible.

Decluttering is also an excellent way to clear energy at home or work. Don’t forget to smudge your body, yes; your energy field also called; aura, as it is constantly exposed to many different energies that if we don’t consciously protect ourselves from, it can drain us. Specially if you work in hospitals, care homes, or any environment that carries heavy energies.

Last tip; as you cleanse your home or office you can additionally use sound therapy to remove stagnant energy. You can use high frequency music, chant mantras, use a bell or singing bowl. In addition, using gratitude as a form of prayer focuses one’s attention on the wonderful things that one has and brings joy into one’s heart.


Price: $85.99

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Weight 351 g
Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 cm