EXPRESSION (5th, Throat Chakra, Sanskrit: Vishuddha, Blue, Vibration: HAM, Element: Sound ): It promotes courage and self-confidence to express one’s feelings clearly and honestly. Body parts associated with this chakra are: throat, neck, teeth, and ears. Gland: Thyroid.

Uplift the Spiritual vibration in your body by expressing your feelings with our “Expression”, Throat Chakra Essential Oil. It will promote balance and openness of your 5th Chakra. Put 2-4 drops into a diffuser for inhalation. Also you can add 5-10 drops to 20ml carrier oil, for a bath or massage. Focus your intention and visualize blue colour energy flowing-in from a tube that connects with Earth through the soles of your feet and moves all the way up to your throat in a circular clockwise motion. This simple exercise will take less than 5 minutes and it will bring out your authentic you!

Ingredients: Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender), Throat chakra blend.

Ingredients: Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender), Melange de l’huile essentielle pure de chakra de gorge

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Aromatherapy Grade: 100% Pure Essential Oil made in Canada.

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Size: 10ml

Price: CA$28

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Weight 37 g
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