Chromotherapy Means Therapy Through Colour!

Chromotherapy Means Therapy Through Colour!

Colour and life are inseparable. From the moment we were born and even before, colour becomes part of the very substance of our lives. It is impossible to be indifferent to colour! It affects our home environment, offices, and hospitals. Even the colour of our clothes, which it can not only affect us, but also the people with whom we come into contact.

Colour influences everything we eat, drink, touch, and are surrounded by. It affects our moods and our emotions, it colours our personalities!

Ancient cultures, even into prehistory, have connected to colour and in some cases, they prayed to the sun, the source of colour, and harnessed its healing powers. The origins of healing with colour can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where treatments were carried out in sanctuaries and temples.

Modern colour therapy is scientific, methodical, and rooted in long centuries of development. Its effects have been explored by doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and neurologists, as well as colour therapists.


Colour comes from the light and without the light, there is no life! From the Brilliance of pure light come all the colours, each with their own individual impact upon our mentally, emotionally, and physically systems.

Colour is all around us and affects our everyday life in countless ways. By enhancing our awareness of the power of colour and the effect it has on our moods, emotions, and even performance, we can learn to use colour to make positive changes in our lives. Colour can bring healing by balancing and creating harmony to our mind and body, while the invisible vibrations of colour can either relax or stimulate according to the colours chosen for healing.

Colour has its own “intelligence”! Getting to know what colour can do for you, it can change your life. Colour yourself healthy, happy, and wise!

“The Sun bathes the Earth continually with the light from which all colour is born”.

Visible light is only a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The slight energy difference in the various colours causes them to separate when passed through a prism. Light has many properties for us living on Earth, but its prime property as colour is most significant. Our bodies and our very lives are linked to and exist because of the electromagnetic radiation we experience as colour.


Brilliance is the clear, transparent, “original light” from where all other colours spring and return. Brilliance is not an actual colour and it is not to be mistaken for white. It is not an earthy colour, but a “cosmic light” that represents the Universal intelligence. All rays of colour are brought into perfect balance through brilliance, it embodies the purity of love, power, and wisdom. Brilliance cuts directly through to the truth. It promotes a balance between the heart and the mind. Brilliance is also the energy of transformation, embracing the positive and negative within you, enabling you to wipe the slate and start again. Old patterns fall away to be replaced with joy and an uplifted spirit.


Briilliance connects to the lymphatic system and the areas that filter our toxins from our bodies. It is the unseen aura of life’s energy force. Brilliance is consider to be a “cure-all”, with the power to modify any condition. Brilliance is a great recharger. This powerful healing light clears away all the unwanted.

Light is a nutrient, and is vital for perfect health and well-being. When we lack the brilliant light within our systems, we feel negative, lost, and alone. Open the curtains and let the power of sunlight enter the room and begin the healing process!! Going for a walk will help you get an equal amount of all the colours, that will penetrate your body, rejuvenating you at all levels. Drink plenty of pure water, which is liquid brilliance, to bring balance and tranquility to your outer and inner self.

If you are redecorating or repainting your home and/or office, keep in mind all the benefits of Colour therapy before choosing your colours, as they can dramtacially enhanced your emotions and energy force.
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